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Multiple orgasm powered by phpbb

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You do exactly what you objected to: When I suggested that Euros came to the new world for money, you suggested that was unfair not mentioning those who came for other purposes like religious freedom. Cool. But now you want to argue that peace in Spain was a myth, while giving no credit at all to anything positive going on there. And as I pointed out, during that period of time all of Europe was quite an unpleasant violent place so to be fair would require comparing what was going on in Spain under Muslim rule with what was going on around the rest of Europe.

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Multiple orgasm powered by phpbb
Multiple orgasm powered by phpbb
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Moogurisar 11.07.2018
Yeah,no. Trumps own party leadership has been pushed too far and are abandoning him, refusing to back up his Russia lies and poor trade policy. He will fail in his bid to become king.
Kagabei 20.07.2018
The fact that he got Burger King....
Shaktigal 30.07.2018
An infinite god who lives infinitely doesn't have infinite patience? Thought he was perfect.
Goltill 09.08.2018
Don't bother - rephrasing. I detest censorship.
Mikalkree 16.08.2018
The Bible should be read like the laws of physics, science and math. If you want to send a rocket to the moon, you must understand the laws of physics to do it. If you want to send your soul to Heaven you must equally know the laws of God. If you want to forget about the laws of gravity, you can be certain that your objective to reach the moon will NEVER happen. Equally if you want to forget about God's moral laws and/or commandments your objective to reach Heaven will NEVER happen. When you see someone that THINKS they know errors in the Bible but come up with half truths to accomplish their error in belief, this is common but nonetheless wrong. If you want to understand the Bible, you need to understand the laws of science. There is a huge difference between the laws of science and scientific theories but most people consider the two the same and equally believable but they are worlds apart in fact. Those that do this to the Bible are equally wrong.
Kiktilar 24.08.2018
No idea whether you should or should not. That's up to you.
Tojat 29.08.2018
Supposedly Jesus was crying out in Aramaic Eloi { God} but yeah Elijah supposed to herald in the coming messiah- either the people couldn?t make out what he was saying ( he was dying) and the word for God is close to Eli- jah
Akilkree 31.08.2018
You already are if you have a group health plan at work. Just like I'm probably paying for some dude's Viagra. No one ever complains about that.
Fenrirn 09.09.2018
That narrow definition, focussed solely on deliberate harm, would exclude disparaging remarks, and would not protect people in the workplace from a culture of hostility. That is not the definition used by the EEOC to identify unacceptable practices.
Zulum 15.09.2018
So, we'll go no more a roving
Volkree 17.09.2018
Not sure, but it is some form of social media, FB I presume?
Goltitilar 18.09.2018
As I noted (and apparently you forgot or simply didn't care) science doesn't address the subject of gods, so you won't find a study saying that a porcelain teapot in orbit around Jupiter isn't needed, either. And I never made any equivance between "unknown" and "unknowable." That was your error.
Faejind 28.09.2018
Hey smartie pants, that was exactly my point to the author of the OP. I was not using data to judge an entire category of people. I was bringing up that there are data contrary to his cherry picked data.
Gazil 01.10.2018
That's precious. Bless your heart.
Niktilar 11.10.2018
You're a hero!
Vosar 15.10.2018
So, I should fear something for which there is no proof that it exists.
Taurr 19.10.2018
And yet your reasons conveniently live you to lead a life that would thrill the meanest Presbyterian. You have no objection to the life that Christianity leads you to... you just want to sit on your moral perch and scold Christians for not being as praiseworthy as you!
Tuktilar 24.10.2018
Perhaps you're unclear as to what racism is...?
Kajik 24.10.2018
All mankind has a knowledge of God's existence. It is why there are so many religions because we don't, on our own, understand Him and seek to define, to put God in a box.
Mekus 01.11.2018
Somebody needs to organize a sit in
Taujora 04.11.2018
Funerals are the worst. I hate them
Kazranos 07.11.2018
Of course you are on Medicare. Why else would you be ranting about subsidized insurance?
Zoloshakar 09.11.2018
I recall Justin saying that Canada didn't have enough to give vets more, yet he complained about how Harper dealt with them. Of course, Liberal disdain for our fighting forces is nothing new.
Moogugore 15.11.2018
These aren't skeptics. They are deniers. And they purposefully choose to be ignorant about science.
Gugami 16.11.2018
Hows it a sin? Its not a sin to own a plane, fourth, fifth, 100th if it lines up with Gods will. You assume it is because it costs a lot. How do you figure the ot saints? They were tech, had things.
Dicage 22.11.2018
Science proved that the Sun was a star and natural. It is not a god as gods are supposedly supernatural. Our Sun will go giant red in a billion years and it does have an end date. It will die. Gods don't die. Hence science has shown how Ra the Sun God doesn't exist.
Moogunris 25.11.2018
I am not one who normally would block comments but this current group of crazies is testing my patience....
Nikojin 03.12.2018
No need to feel sorry for being an idiot. You have a right to be one!
Kajitilar 11.12.2018
Ninos 13.12.2018
But who will they blame for all their troubles if there are no dreaded "others" left to blame?
Voodoolrajas 21.12.2018
Yeah, orders from the enemy's headquarters.
Faekree 28.12.2018
How does the Bible claim the earth is only 6000 years old?
Tegul 29.12.2018
Procreation is a manner of creation. Your god wasn't necessary.


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