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Who makes hustler antennas

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Please answer the question I asked, because I obviously don't understand your previous answer.

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Who makes hustler antennas
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Vutilar 22.10.2017
As if everyone were the same. Once again, spare us the pinchbeck philosophy.
Mikalar 28.10.2017
No, thank you for listening ;-))
Malazilkree 30.10.2017
Had em in his pocket the whole time, for exampke where is the outrage from hin giving 102 billion to terrorists
Kazrazil 06.11.2017
///Your entire post is unfounded. You are making a claim that Jesus could choose where to be born - what is this claim based on?
Yokinos 13.11.2017
"HEY! HEY! The fire code for this building is 468 and I just counted 470. Sorry, but the wedding is over! POLICE!"
Tegar 15.11.2017
In the recent 50 years we see not decrease, but increase of Sharia all around the world. For you it seems to matter that people who were sentenced to death for words they say were not executed. The fact that there is an idea that people should be punished for free expression doesn't seem to bother you in the least. Why are you afraid to admit it's a bad idea to restrict freedom of speech? Are you against it?
Tygoramar 24.11.2017
I don't believe that we don't have a large enough workforce. It's about incentives. I wouldn't work 14 hour days for $10 an hour picking produce, but illegal workers would.
Megar 01.12.2017
Isaiah 25:6. No reference to heaven in this passage. It concerns Israel, not the nations. The nations, or Gentiles, are goyim in Hebrew. It is not found in verse 6.
Dara 11.12.2017
I am not disagreeing with the founding fathers.
Macage 18.12.2017
Are you generalising because youve met others that claim to have Zoe cells and they have died before the average life expectancy? Or, are you just being ignorant.
Kalmaran 29.12.2017
Wife probably doesn't even know hubby called. Hubby tired of hearing his wife pitch a fit over some bullsh!t so he figured he'd solve the problem FOR HIS OWN WELLBEING??????. Believe it or not, that's how some of us get down.
Tokora 07.01.2018
I work in mysterious ways. ;-P
Murn 17.01.2018
I know for a fact another commenter on this channel emailed him to ask if he would bake a wedding cake for them. He claimed that it was his 3rd wedding and his future bride's 2nd. What do you think his reply was?
Kilkis 24.01.2018
It's note worthy to me that the PC Outrage mob seems to be in it's death throes. There was a period of time where If i posted the above, I probably would have been torn to shreds by the internet and called a racist, sexist homophobe.... But the past few months, more and more people seem to be waking up to how far this silliness has gone.
Shaktirn 28.01.2018
Did you complain when he did the work against the McGuinty government?
Muran 06.02.2018
Glad he's about to die.
Tegore 12.02.2018
Remember when Tex said a finance thread would bring spammers? It also brings incomprehensibles.
Kat 20.02.2018
You seem confused about this. The baker did not refuse to accommodate gay people, he refused to make a specific cake that was celebrating something that offended his conscience and was illegal in Colorado.
JoJotaxe 28.02.2018
Yeah it?s you. I?ve been to well over a dozen dog parks up and down the east coast and have never seen a segregated park. There?s no issue with big dogs and small dogs playing together. Their size is moot. It?s the moronic owners who cause all the trouble
Yozshugor 04.03.2018
Wag those tails... The animated gif... Geeeez... The minds around here..
Mezilar 10.03.2018
People who?ve never been touched by it don?t know how to recognize the signs.
Mezuru 19.03.2018
Another atheist walks away with his tail between his legs, unable to argue himself out of the corner that his "logic" has placed him in...
Fejin 25.03.2018
It looks like you prefer to ignore the fact that homosexuality is explicitly mentioned in Genesis. Are you trying to persuade me to follow and pretend to be blind?
Mikazilkree 28.03.2018
What hateful rhetoric are YOU speaking about. I am exposing the hateful rhetoric of Christians and asking the simple question, how would they like to have done unto them as they want to do unto others and reap what they have sown. I am not saying to do so, but asking a simple question. But I guess that is wrong huh?
Daihn 06.04.2018
A lot of conservatives also hate Israel.
Brarisar 17.04.2018
I tend to discount the lawyers that have been retained.


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