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IDK, but they are a fvcking baby. It's not like they are going to remember it.

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Fetish gallery powered by phpbb Fetish
Fetish gallery powered by phpbb Fetish
Fetish gallery powered by phpbb Fetish
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Maukazahn 05.01.2018
Grasping at straws isn't historical evidence. Wishful thinking isn't historical evidence.
Zolomuro 14.01.2018
OMG I will find and watch it.
Taulmaran 15.01.2018
Smallest bridge is just down the road from me, funny how many people stop and take pictures of it.
Kajizuru 25.01.2018
I think I disagree with you application of this rule.
Fehn 30.01.2018
i would keep eatin until the flavor went from bacon ,,to tuna..
Goltijar 04.02.2018
Sorry. America is the greatest nation on the planet.
Akinozuru 08.02.2018
Does this mean you're gonna be smoking the ganja to get that high?
Juzragore 13.02.2018
BCs can also help stop the spread of STDs. Especially relevant now that strains are resistant to antibiotics
Akimuro 15.02.2018
When the tattoo topic popped up with my daughter, we told her to remember she used to love Barney.
Mibar 18.02.2018
Aw that?s good. I thought about you yesterday when I saw Tex posted the open thread. And I?m like OH NO MELLI SEND A MAN DOWN IF YOURE NOT OK lol
Akigore 26.02.2018
"personal attacks on her appearance..the finest traditions of Libertarianism." Finest traditions aren't limited to libertarians, it appears.
Akinok 01.03.2018
I wish you hadn't said that.
Telkis 06.03.2018
I am in DC. I know most of my homeless neighbors by name because they have been around for years.
Samugul 11.03.2018
You are restricted. Why you believe that is irrelevant.
Arashir 13.03.2018
Kitche Manitou (The Great Spirit) beheld a vision. In this dream he saw a vast sky filled with stars, sun, moon, and earth. He saw an earth made of mountains and valleys, islands and lakes, plains and forests. He saw trees and flowers, grasses and vegetables. He saw walking, flying, swimming, and crawling beings. He witnessed the birth, growth, and the end of things. At the same time he saw other things live on. Amidst change there was constancy. Kitche Manitou heard songs, wailings, stories. He touched wind and rain. He felt love and hate, fear and courage, joy and sadness. Kitche Manitou meditated to understand his vision. In his wisdom Kitche Manitou understood that his vision had to be fulfilled. Kitche Manitou was to bring into being and existence what he had seen, heard, and felt.
Yozil 16.03.2018
He keeps promising he's going to leave but he doesn't leave. Keep your word, man!! leave!
Mazulkree 17.03.2018
Mr. Tyson is one of those Atheists that really makes things simple. Thanks for posting.
Kajitaxe 28.03.2018
Thank you but that isn't my point.
Dainris 03.04.2018
No there must be a set of absolutes. You can't keep moving
Fenriktilar 11.04.2018
Your premise is wrong. It?s not that Christians don?t understand per se, but what difference does it make because it?s arbitrary. An atheists morals can change, and there is nothing to say that the change is any better or any worse. Atheists say they base their morals on what is best for humanity as a whole. That assumes that they know what?s best for society as a whole; however, their morals are completely arbitrary. An atheist could change their moral values, and there?s nothing to say that it?s objectively better or worse, because right and wrong/good and evil is just something made up in your head and isn?t actually real. You could murder somebody, and say it was for the better of society, and you would be morally fine if enough people agreed with you.
Tataur 21.04.2018
It does actually. If you think he's necessary, demonstrate.
Zut 25.04.2018
YOU get a toke, and YOU get a toke, and YOOOUUU get a toke!
Negrel 03.05.2018
I've never contradicted the following statement:
Nalkis 12.05.2018
All of this
Nazragore 20.05.2018
Well actually, I said "at least you are being more creative." Since then, I personally have not had to moderate you. Please don't use me as a reason to ignore Mod
Meztitaur 25.05.2018
If you knew the Bible, you would understand that the fulfilled prophecies were no accident. You are right in that we have a free will but that freedom does end. In the end, you will either be tormented by demons or you will be in covenant with Yah. Your words are long, and you seem to be your own god.
Shaktigar 31.05.2018
Hilarious. Blacks kill each other at over five times the rate of whites.
Kerg 01.06.2018
I read the parenting article - makes sense to me. Self-worth should not be conditional on others' estimation of our behavior, dress, speech, etc. I can see how conditional love can shape a child's self-image negatively.
Arazshura 04.06.2018
Evolution has no opinion on biogenesis. Haeckel died 100 years ago and much of his work has been modified by later developments. How did this long-dead theorist scare the truth out of you?
Shasida 06.06.2018
Exodus 21:16 isn't about kidnapping. 1 Tim isn't either. ....enslavers, people stealers and then turning around and selling them as commodity. Slave trade dude, quit playing dense.
Kajicage 10.06.2018
LOL, it's the work of evolution. No watchmaker involved at all.


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