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Some are even frightened of it.

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Big boob pcss
Big boob pcss
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Aragami 11.07.2018
The above essay brings two things into thought:
Nibar 11.07.2018
Oh, so your plan is to charge everyone, convict them in a trial, and then deport them.
Mikak 15.07.2018
Ok, let me clarify where I am going. The children would have been taught in the ways of their fathers and they would have been inclined to follow their fathers due to their genetics. Could a 6 month old have learned bad habits. A human one could not. But what if they were born bad. Born without a Godly spirit in that when they died they would just roam the earth. (A demon) So do I believe God know they would commit great sin . YES. Did those young children have free will like their parents. Whether or not they were bad from the start, they were not a legitimate creation and therefore were of the devil. They did not have the ability to repent. God put a curse between her seed and the seed of the devil. Noahs flood was about destroying all in the earth because the devils seed had over run the human seed in the form of nephilum. That is why they say Noah was perfect in all his generations. The Nephilum were in the world before and after the flood. Remember the spies finding a grape cluster they had to take back on a pole OR the verses about them being grasshoppers among those in the land. Joshua was going into the same land. I would argue that these were not human children or adults. They were a mixed seed that did not contain the spirit of the breath of life. (6 fingers on each hand and foot like Goliath) These were the descendants of dark angels due to their size,taste for death, child sacrifice/ incest(Molech worship) etc.
Nalrajas 16.07.2018
Low hanging fruit. Islamabad is safer than Chicago. The homocide rate in US is complicated
Diktilar 18.07.2018
No, it?s not.
Mezirisar 23.07.2018
With a BS lawsuit whose timing is just more than a little suspicious. Why not let that play out in court as you said above?
Kera 31.07.2018
I took a touring test... 38 people on a bus... For 10 days... In China...
Mazugami 06.08.2018
Oh, okay - so he wasn't really serving as an actual attorney. He's just an entertainer. That actually makes much more sense. And good for you that you got a good show, even if you found it confusing.
Shakaramar 13.08.2018
Which theory describes physics?
Dotilar 20.08.2018
I voted FOR one man, one woman marriage. Period.
Kiramar 27.08.2018
"Conscious" means "aware". So does "sentient". Some people (SF writers) are particularly fond of misusing it to mean "intelligent" (that's "sapient"). My guess is that a professional biologist is probably using the term correctly.
Moogujind 06.09.2018
Sure but that's not the case. There is unfortunately a link between the law and the religious act. Truly separate the two and secular people wouldn't care at all what religions did with their marriage.
Shaktirisar 09.09.2018
Even today, the heavens are a symbol of eternity, wonder, beauty, infinity, and perfection.
Vobei 13.09.2018
The Bible is a collection of contradictory myths and folk tales, mixed in with a little history, originally written in obscure and now dead languages, translated differently over a hundred different times just in English, reinterpreted, modified, and amended on numerous occasions over a period spanning at least 3,000 years. Due to its hopeless ambiguity, it is and has been subject to endless debate regarding its interpretations. (Unfortunately, your god never speaks or does anything to clarify the ambiguity which is a problem all gods suffer from.) As a consequence, there has been an endless parade of interpretations of the Bible with the more than one hundred different translations producing over 40,000 different Christian denominations, each with their own unique interpretation of the Bible. This is obviously the work of ignorant, uneducated, and superstitious men and hardly the work of an all-knowing, all-powerful, god.
Nikora 19.09.2018
Religion is the work of the devil.
Gurn 24.09.2018
Single instances of child abuse by anyone are terrible but IMVHO this is ongoing and worse
Shakagore 01.10.2018
valid point, however proof doesn't mean absence
Mikak 03.10.2018
Many can't recover from suffering and abuse like that. Some break.
Kazicage 10.10.2018
Well said Dan.
Zololl 14.10.2018
REALLY? Wow. I don't buy stuff from reps. I hate those pyramid schemes and having to go through a rep to buy something. And you still may have to wait for them to get it in ONCE they have enough to place and order for stuff. No, thank you.
Tazragore 16.10.2018
Must be one of the proudest moments of her life.
Dibar 19.10.2018
This is how evil I am. That would have been my first thought for myself. I just didn't think it was right to suggest it to someone else. I would make him regret it by turning tables.
Vizuru 21.10.2018
You obviously did. Which demonstrates your closed mind.
Fegar 29.10.2018
The boarded basement door was a bad sign too.
Arashikazahn 30.10.2018
The advocates have reality on their side. The detractors only have made up stuff.
Mek 03.11.2018
There is no valid evidence to indicate that homosexuality is not within the bounds of normal human sexuality
Gor 04.11.2018
Now do that map again and check what countries that have are secular and democratic. You are pointing out stuff that isn't necessarily there you know.
Yozshushakar 07.11.2018
I agree with what you said in your OP , but according to both the Hebrew and Greek texts , the word " hell " only means the grave or the place of burial . the scriptures do not teach that hell is the place of punishment , the place of punishment is the " lake of fire " and eternal separation from God .
Tagul 08.11.2018
Define "fundamentalist liberal", because I don't think that's a thing.
Kilabar 12.11.2018
As long as you know it lol
Kagazilkree 18.11.2018
Funny how NASA and CERN have no problem.
Fejas 19.11.2018
that there is some high level ciphering , you got to carry or "tote" some numbers I will just add and say you are 28+13=52 per the new math.


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