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Can god restore virginitys

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Okay. Cause I go "A" and "B." I've never met someone parsing the difference that way.

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Can god restore virginitys
Can god restore virginitys
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Mikagul 13.11.2017
this is one of those misconceptions that leads to bad arguments. you are conflating belief and knowledge. as a knowledge claim, god or no-god is a true dichotomy, with a simple answer. but I don't know the answer and neither do you. since we both know you can neither prove or disprove god, at least currently. if you were to say "I know there is a god" colloquially, what you're saying is "I believe there is a god" which comes with the added baggage that assumes you have a reason to believe there is a god, you were convinced in some way, we also call this evidence. the opposite of "I believe there is a god" is "I don't see a reason to believe there is a god", which is a third condition that doesn't rely on the unsubstantiated claims of either of the other two. if you care, then the onus is clearly on you to offer what you consider reasons to believe in god, if you don't care then ignore me. but it would be irrational to expect me to provide examples of "I don't see a reason". and it is false to conclude that "I don't see a reason to believe" is by default a positive claim that there is no god. we've already established that this isn't something I know, and neither do you.
Shaktilmaran 14.11.2017
Sure buddy, sure.
Arashisar 24.11.2017
I'm sorry, jezebel. :/
Fauhn 25.11.2017
What price did God pay for giving His son? Nothing!
Kazibar 28.11.2017
1st amendment has no boundaries.
Virg 01.12.2017
And I reprimanded you, well, in a manner of speaking, because to touch lightly on a subject is often appropriate as mine was. To attack with harsh judgments inappropriately is to show a lack of discernment, revealing the power of insight into psychological projection. If you want to get serious about the death, destruction, and multicultural clashes, and to dwell on the impacts of Post-Traumatic Stress down through the generations, I highly recommend preparing for it with Chellis Glendinning?s "...Recovery from Western Civilization."
Jukora 06.12.2017
You are trying to make a point there I suppose but not the parallel that fits.
Vudotaur 13.12.2017
Sure! Go to google, type in "Trump policy violates the law" and pick one of the 7.870.000 results
Arashilkis 14.12.2017
excuse me, THEY work for US. She's a paid mouthpiece for an administration that has gone WAAAAY off the rails. Nobody's advocating any physical harm, but letting them know they are not acting for most Americans, that's fair.
Samuktilar 22.12.2017
(Brother's) or brothers as a plural?
Fenrilar 30.12.2017
Wasnt it Mueller who put the last Teflon Don in jail for life? Lol


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