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he realized the problem. They would have by December 31st to come up with something suitable.

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So you add to your pathetic attempt to coerce my acceptance of some woman at a spa being supposed to do such a task on a man/or whatever? - and now attack my rights of free speech and my inherent right to believe that there is something perverse and distasteful about the issue of 'transgender'.

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Daigal 28.01.2018
Is there a link between mass shootings and Atheism? is your question.
Zulkimi 04.02.2018
Oh the conspiracy theory ROFL. Fk'ing idiot...
Akinoshura 12.02.2018
If you want to get super pedantic, sure. But I'm using every day language here and for the purpose of this conversation I am sitting in a chair currently, or as close to it as possible. And I can safely assume that next time I sit in it, its going to hold it up.
Groshakar 20.02.2018
You just came into possession of great method of revenge. Be it an ex, someone who has done you wrong, a terrible boss. Its someone you loathe..and isn't permanent and doesn't cause an injury,
Voodootilar 23.02.2018
What's there to argue?
Moogugar 24.02.2018
His comment meant that any quack who could perform a supernormal or paranormal trick, under scientific conditions, would win a million dollars. No quacks ever got a million dollars. You'd think a quack who was sure he was real, would be able to do it.
Dousho 25.02.2018
Wizard's Third Rule. I'm done here.
Goltikinos 27.02.2018
The numbers have always been accurate. The difference is what you are using them to show.
Aragami 03.03.2018
More sad news. Sad for us who now will miss another's life.
Narn 04.03.2018
I am looking at it in this particular context: In this context, "racism" is when people are enduring some kind of mistreatment based on their race, and only because of their race.
Doulabar 11.03.2018
just remembered. Plumbum from the latin word for lead. plumbing and lead have been associated for a *very* long time.
Vizilkree 20.03.2018
Nah it?s a trait of tds
Zushakar 23.03.2018
Same lol. I love them now
Shaktigrel 26.03.2018
Thank you for the clarification.
Mibar 05.04.2018
You headed to back to the joint SG?
Voktilar 08.04.2018
Makes sense. The second the Catholic Church takes a more pro-active stance here would be the second all kinds of skeletons it really prefers to keep buried would suddenly be remembered. Their labor / birth camps for pregnant unwed women, for instance.


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