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I appreciate the explanation, but I wasn't making those generalizations in my voice. I was saying that is the Republican election strategy - convince voters that Dems want to take your guns, want to take your culture, etc.

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Erotic waynesville missouris
Erotic waynesville missouris
Erotic waynesville missouris
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Gardahn 01.11.2017
Read anything by Kafka.
Meztit 10.11.2017
This is a question that can answered only by God. I believe they definitely can be both. Loving God & your neighbor as youself has nothing to do w/sex.
Gorr 18.11.2017
Ditto lol - maybe I can convince Mo lol.
Dougor 26.11.2017
I first read about it in War And Peace. He basically presented a Newtonian explanation of the process of 'choice'.
Zolojinn 30.11.2017
I find you comment about other men w/name of Jesus, carpenters & religious
Voodoojora 05.12.2017
?1) Gay marriage is not the baker's cause of his problems. His abject bigotry is. His decision to violate the law is.?
Femi 09.12.2017
You want them open? Interesting. I have to have mine closed.
Kigajas 15.12.2017
No such thing as a decent Libtard....you gonna need to settle for a good charlatan like the last two Libtard Presidents we had.
Mulrajas 19.12.2017
For me, they are accurate to determine trends upswings, stability, and downswings and that is about as far as I trust them.
Akilkis 28.12.2017
Thanks. It was Libya once. Read about the battle of Misratah on Wikipedia. HMCS Charlottetown
Gasar 05.01.2018
Just saying,if you have three real friends count your blessings, all the other so called friends are merely acquaintances.
Moogukasa 13.01.2018
Or he is and he isn't. If you can't wrap your mind around that, you are thinking quite literally.
Meztijinn 23.01.2018
Well, it would be men and strong women against girly-boys and radfems.
Mazukazahn 31.01.2018
Can you give one example of a clear piece of misinformation?
Zukinos 03.02.2018
We definitely have a problem with the messiah claimants!!!


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