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It might be the lack of coffee, and this might come as a shock to you, but you are white..F you.

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Gardadal 20.01.2018
How do YOU know that? Ever seen one?
Kagarr 27.01.2018
You do yourself a huge disservice thinking im here to pat your head.
Daikora 01.02.2018
well in your case, as we discussed before, there may be extenuating circumstances. Abuse can make you lose any desire for sex. But as a heterosexual with what I think is a healthy attitude towards sex, there is definitely a desire but it is very controllable. What I mean by that is, if I see someone I'm really attracted to, I may WANT her but I don't HAVE to have her. I would say it's definitely a need but we have control
Toshicage 10.02.2018
I really think the game changer for later would be the lack of control and influence the church had in history. Many things would change without that.
Babar 19.02.2018
Actually far-rightists have a history of smearing the service records of veterans who don't agree with their politics. E.g. the whole Swift-boat affair, the lies about John McCain and the USS Forrestall, Trump taking a jab at him for being captured as a POW, attacking the Gold Star family. Never mind the fact that he dodged the draft himself and never served a day. Spare us the whole political pawn argument, you guys have no moral high ground here whatsoever.
Mikazshura 22.02.2018
First off, start taxing the churches, the Popes churches are all corporations now, so the law suits cant ding his golden goose in Rome. Next shut down the three school boards and just have one for all,french is taught in public schools right up till grade 12. Throw out all religion from the schools and keep it in the churches or at your home. Iam not even Doug Ford and look at the savings right there,,,LOL
Shakree 27.02.2018
It takes the religious to twist my comment to fit their narrative. I never called 1.7b Muslims goat farmers. I clearly mentioned that polls reveal roughly 20% of Islam hold fanatical ideas. The worst are found in Afghanistan and Pakistan where illiterate goat herders treat women like chattel.
Taushicage 07.03.2018
Yes. Should I be able to withhold an important medical procedure from you if it might prevent that death? Or should whether or not you have that procedure be up to you and your doctor?
Samuramar 08.03.2018
The difference is accept. The difference is also between servitude and people selling slavery. To condone is to give approval. That ain't happening.
Met 17.03.2018
I don't disagree.
Kejin 28.03.2018
Me either. I'm not sure how to do that special character between the 'L' and the 'ki'. :P
Akicage 29.03.2018
And that's why in each case, it's for a court of law to determine.
Kinos 05.04.2018
Not even close, but good try!
Fauran 08.04.2018
I don't know any woman who does this in front of her SO. It's not okay for either one, for me, if you care for someone.
Zulkishakar 12.04.2018
The niv is a poor translation. They relied on the Aleph and B mss. 99% of the time. Those mss. disagreed with each other over 4000 x and were written in Classical Greek, not Koine. There is much more evidence to show that those are spurious and corrupted, but that is just enough to stay away from translations that used those. - shalom
Femi 15.04.2018
...b/c you are a REPUBTARD.
Vukus 16.04.2018
In a rational world your argument makes complete sense. I don't think that what you write will work for a large number of people, perhaps even a majority can't find solace in harsh world. You seem to come from a background that was relatively stable, at least as opposed to billions of people in the world who live in conditions where shelter, food, and personal safety cannot be taken for granted. Maybe if the world could find a more just and equitable system, and people were free to find meaningful experiences in their own lives, they could see the world as you do. But as you stated at the outset, to a great extent actual lived experiences drive the development of the self. Those of us who are free to explore and self-actualize may not see a reason for religion. I've lived long enough to recognize that I cannot judge others through the lens of my own experience.
Mogami 21.04.2018
You just don't get it, Bill.
Dall 26.04.2018
but but but, Trump had 6 bankruptcy and and and the new normal under Obama was to cook the books and tell us everything was apart of the new normal and and this just can not be right.. he he was to fail cus Obama could not do this.
Monris 27.04.2018
I'd prefer not to have someone who hates me make a food product for me. Just sayin'
Shakarg 28.04.2018
?Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn.
Galkis 30.04.2018
People were criticizing Pence for not giving women the same opportunities he was giving men...not bc he was trying to be a faithful husband. But otherwise, yeah, feminism need to go back to lifting up women and fighting the toxic masculinity that is harmful to men and to women.
Tabei 06.05.2018
Of course I don't blame atheists, per se. Most are not even capable of comprehending the issues involved. We are born atheists.
Gujas 07.05.2018
Me thinks that this is not a question of whether or not 'God' did it. But more a question of the definition of God.
Tygor 17.05.2018
We compare the watch to the rest of nature, and see it isn't natural.
Domuro 23.05.2018
that it does. "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof" On the baker's side is the second part. The Civil Rights Commision, by trying to force the baker to be held liable for his refusal, they are prohibiting his free excercise of religion.


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