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She swallow my sperm

Sister Catches Brother Wanking & Takes Advantage Of Him

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Sister Catches Brother Wanking & Takes Advantage Of Him

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LoL. Hey, I dont mean to ridicule your thoughtful opinion. It's just that it's not new--pretty much the same old New Atheist deflection to pin societal issues on theism. Meanwhile, kids are indoctrinated with that kind of thinking only gives them justification to carry out such attacks.

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Tugal 11.07.2018
Ok sexual chocolate...carry on
Kazralrajas 13.07.2018
The Hebrew Interlinear Bible - John 1:1-3 - "...the Word was with God and God was the Word..."
Dohn 22.07.2018
NEVER will that happen if that shit is called beer ......
Juzuru 29.07.2018
The place I go to is very honest: "Our coffee is good because there's a butt-ton of sugar in it."
Nezragore 08.08.2018
Even if evolution was proven false, which is hasn't, it wouldn't prove god. Demonstrate a god exists before you use it as the cause of life. Until then, "goddidit" isn't an answer.
Taugul 10.08.2018
Except that word was NOT in the original scripture because it did not exist. It was falsely interpreted much later.
Akijora 14.08.2018
Their are some things that are child abuse, as defined by experts and by democratic process taking into account individual liberties.
Volrajas 15.08.2018
Have an example??? No??? I didn't think so.
Totilar 21.08.2018
He/she never made the caveat of 'as it is currently known'.
Kigajind 24.08.2018
But not flawed in the way you think it is. It has nothing to do with his rights being violated. It?s more of a procedural flaw. If they had prosecuted correctly the verdict would probably stand.
Kagasida 30.08.2018
If you're that stupid or too lazy to Google it but have the strength to tell others to do the work for you, you shouldn't be commenting.
Vizil 02.09.2018
The Rey-Ren sections were the best. For once since the originals did they insert some moral ambiguity and attempt at philosophical balance. They just ruined Luke tho and made the first female admiral since Leia look like a tool. There are 400 people to get off the ship and onto pods and you tell no one until the very last second when you are low on fuel and you have the entire first order fleet on your tail? How? What? NO!
Vudoll 08.09.2018
So go find that law if you think there is one. Toodle-oo.
Mezitilar 09.09.2018
Y'all forgot Kawhi and the Spurs were 2014 champs. Get Kawhi some help, LeBron
Nikogis 18.09.2018
What are the opinions of people here?
Dikora 24.09.2018
Question. How come hand print scanner locking mechanisms are never as cool as in the movies?
Kezahn 25.09.2018
Personal abuse on here is NOT ok. Please flag when you see it so I can remove it. Thank you!
Molabar 03.10.2018
Better than you. The Bible says what it says and no amount of euphemistic sententiousness from a 2,000+ set of books can dilute it.
Zulunos 07.10.2018
Harper ran more deficits than surpluses. Not exactly the best example.
Faelabar 13.10.2018
Sounds fun! : )
Nizahn 17.10.2018
...I suppose you make a good point. Religion is a family decision. I do not want my children taught different values than my own.
Tukree 25.10.2018
I thought you liked conservatives.
Shakalkree 28.10.2018
False. We do know. God created life as He says in His Word.
Samukazahn 02.11.2018
that's right. And, by definition, faith is not an indicator of truth. After all, one can believe anything on faith.
Voodoonris 10.11.2018
The deal is we are supposed to lie with one another in the context of a male-female marriage.
Kagabar 13.11.2018
Pope Benedict (Ratzinger)?s family was anti-N*zi and was harrassed by the local Party. He was in seminary during the war when he was drafted. It?s good not to lose perspective too much.
Mikakinos 21.11.2018
Talk to Bert...
Gardazil 23.11.2018
"How do you determine whether a belief is religious or not?" If it's really, really, really stupid it very well could be a religious belief.
Meztirisar 24.11.2018
I'm saying the verse exists in a context that you've already dismissed (along with the verse itself) as being meaningless. Yet, because you want to try to make a point against the Bible for some reason or another, you want to attempt to imbue the verse with some supposed meaning that you either don't realize or don't care is completely at odds with the meaning found within the rest of the Bible that you want to ignore and want everyone else to ignore as well.


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