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cheating wife comes over

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You have to read a lot of stuff out of them and a lot of stuff into them to make them seem like wisdom.

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Chinese women get fucked
Chinese women get fucked
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We can evaluate it all we want vut our evaluation would be subjective.
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I accused you of guessing at motives.
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This divorce has been coming forever. Feel no guilt in it. If its not thus, it's going to be the next crisis confrontation that makes you miserable. Just from what I e read here, which just has to be the tip of the iceberg, go for the divorce. The energy in your life freed up not having to deal with her will be amazing. If..and this is BIG if....you actually get her out if your life when you separate. You seem likely to allow her to be in your buisness, and guilting yourself into feeling responsible for her even after a divorce. What happens to her, what struggles she have cannot be your concern. For your own healing and sanity, you absolutely will need to make this a true seperation. You don't have kids. There is no need for future interaction. Hell. If you can, move. As far away. If you have to pay alimony, find a way to do it remotely that doesn't even reveal your new address. If you do this, actually dam well do it. Dont go through divorce drama and cost....and still have basically the same life with her. Save yourself, you can't save her.
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Totes agree re: all the prison stuff.
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That and he made very good trades to improve his roster.


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