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Two words: imperial system!

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Because you suck
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Gardanos 08.01.2018
Not every theist, as I said but you ignored, my own panentheism and the ancient Christian Gnostics as well as Kabbalah's Ein Sof.
Tygozshura 11.01.2018
And drinking 40 ouncers every morning.
Jurr 20.01.2018
So prove it. YOU file for candidacy for the office of the President of the U.S. YOU run for President. If you dare. Or are you afraid to do that for some reason?
Mazshura 28.01.2018
I do see your point. It does not cover the hypothetical God at all.
Gutilar 07.02.2018
He was no hero in Vietnam, or anywhere else. His plane was shot down, he was captured, and he was released after the war ended.
Dodal 11.02.2018
If it's of any help, as a Brit, we would be more than willing to pop over and do it again, this time time with the president in residence.
Zolokasa 21.02.2018
Just like nobody knows gods do exist.
Mazucage 03.03.2018
I moved back home to help my mom when my dad passed away. It?s amazing living rent free :D but being the emotional support and handyperson for a totally clueless person can be draining.
Jusho 08.03.2018
*crossing fingers and toes*
Mautaur 14.03.2018
I never mentioned telepathy, and it is a "hotly studied subject." Neither did I say that it confirms anything, you seem to have the ability to ignore words and jump to self-invented perceptions.
Voodoojas 23.03.2018
It probably only offers syphilis and ten different variations of the herp lol.
Yozuru 25.03.2018
Regardless of what your "believe", we have laws on the books that must be followed whether you like it or not.
Zulusida 04.04.2018
Exactly. Approximately 50% of pregnancies end in a miscarriage. Apparently women are just giant baby murdering ho-bags from hell. That percentage doesn't even account for the pregnancies that don't end in a live birth (still borns, third trimester miscarriage, etc.)
Durisar 13.04.2018
Aye believed and got me evidence!
Gara 15.04.2018
Poverty and opportunity and education are the primary factors.
Akizragore 22.04.2018
Sorry about what I said before. I learned that you wouldn't have been able to respond if you'd blocked them, so...
Mozuru 27.04.2018
She has every right to sue. They doxed her
Brarisar 28.04.2018
The EU are America's friend. They are not it's subservient slaves. How is losing their support MAGA?
Taujora 29.04.2018
No kidding eh. LOL
Sam 06.05.2018
She has a history of racism. You know that right?
Dozshura 14.05.2018
"Keep talking like that old man, and we'll bring back icefloe healthcare for the +65s!" :-)
Fauhn 16.05.2018
They will be back...when the world get's back to normal.
Makree 19.05.2018
It was the only part of that post you addressed after I answered the question the first time and asked what your dispute was with the source. It seemed to be the tangent you were pursuing.
Kanris 21.05.2018
Exactly. Religious people will always outbreed the non-religious.
Miktilar 24.05.2018
Yep I will talk to her privately
Faezahn 31.05.2018
Without totalitarianism (which isnt a desirable outcome) conformity - especially concerning a measure of ecology that has a direct impact financially on people, businesses, and governments.... is the only real and tenable solution. Expending the remaining petro resources, moving north, and living underground remain viable options. ;)
Mazull 07.06.2018
What values do you put on what's written or what's practiced? Without getting philisophical or copy pasting me. I'm talking you the human.
Arashiran 16.06.2018
That's why i found mentioning it necessary : to bring the philosophising out of the completely theoretical.
Zolozil 21.06.2018
It's not making up any story to say the future doesn't exist. Why would anyone think there's not an open future? Maybe because Dr Who? Or Back to the Future? But, it's perfectly reasonable to say there is an open future. We have no evidence otherwise.


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