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OOoooOOOoooooo!!!! Yeah, I think we can make a policy for clithangers.

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DXK (2011) tube
DXK (2011) tube
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Mami 30.05.2018
Damn, you're a special kind of imbecile,aren't you?
Tygojora 04.06.2018
It was a hot topic here for a while, glad the baker won, such a wate of time and money, they need to get these drama queens to pay for this nonsense ??
Arakazahn 12.06.2018
Fox didn?t do anything unless you?re actually saying democrats are controlled by a former president of a foreign country.
Zologul 14.06.2018
Very much appreciated this discussion between Grant and George. Thank you, guys! ???????
Daigrel 24.06.2018
Your opinion is only your ignorance.
Tosida 27.06.2018
Sure that possible, but this OP says genitals and that's wrong.
Nesar 07.07.2018
I didn't say it wasn't. The deal is done isn't it ? Lol, just make sure your credit scores stay close.
Akinok 12.07.2018
Grits are something to be used to abrade road tar off of things, not eaten
Grom 14.07.2018
Evolution works, and can be observed:
Malajinn 25.07.2018
Because your claims are lies.
Meztizil 26.07.2018
Posters come and go, only a small fraction of the followers ever read or post here or on any other channel.
Kigatilar 27.07.2018
HUgs for the sorrow. I went to a funeral this past weekend. My BIL.
Gushura 01.08.2018
better than what? all of history that agrees with me? are we still talking about the resurrection? fully tested, no secular accounts, it didn't happen
Zulkikus 04.08.2018
it's bad. i go to the NY metropolitan museum to see their Byzantine coin collection... yikes
Shaktigore 10.08.2018
Hire "Two thugs and a truck" and have stuff broken... Like I did...
Taubei 13.08.2018
The CDC published an analysis of gay men in 21 cities and found that 1 in 5 of them had HIV. And almost half of them didn't even know it. (?1 in 5 Men Who Have Sex with Men in 21 U.S. Cities Has HIV; Nearly Half Unaware,? Press Release by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, September 23, 2010, retrieved February 20, 2012, from
Gardalar 17.08.2018
I am happy to see your return Ed, as I mentioned before I generally like and agree wit your point of view and feel you add a valid outlook. Just do not get personal about it and you should be fine.
Vira 25.08.2018
Have not met a sincere Christian. One doesn't exist. Lots of fakers.
Moogusho 04.09.2018
Your posts make no sense.


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