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Sweet piss scented vaginas

Husband CRIED after Watching this Brutal Video

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Husband CRIED after Watching this Brutal Video

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A better comparison would be an all-white school firing a teacher when they find out the teacher has a certain amount of non-white genetics.

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Sweet piss scented vaginas
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Grogami 20.04.2018
It was traumatic looking at the damage. I trying to count my blessings
Zuzahn 25.04.2018
Fair point about Wycliffe, Coverdale, and Tyndale. All were abused by the Church but not burnt alive.
Felar 26.04.2018
As long as you're not at the very top of the controller layer, or a rich owner, you'll be fcked too. The power of the "middle class" depends on the power of labour - because its existence is all about controlling and managing and betraying it.
Tauzuru 06.05.2018
Sexual orientation is innate and immutable. It is a biological multivariate based in genetics, epigenetics, hormonal baths in utero, neuronal plasticity, neuroanatomy, etc.
Darisar 12.05.2018
So? You'll be dead.
Zuzuru 16.05.2018
Ha ha ha!!!
Kajirr 18.05.2018
I am answering the questions from only my POV, because I can not possibly answer for 'the overwhelming number of people on earth that are religious'
Megami 18.05.2018
So what IS the difference? Both of us are the "bag of chemicals". Your bag is the same as the atheist bag. You don't have any real difference from the atheist. There are theists and atheists that have no problem killing other human beings. So what is the difference in value? Atheists behave in the same manner as Christians, want pretty much the same things from their lives, are as good and charitable as are theists. One thing the atheist doesn't come in with is the prejudices and discriminations that the theist has.
Gusho 26.05.2018
That one is a "zip". Right over my head. I am not very bright. You have to break it down a bit for me.
Gardalabar 04.06.2018
Lol... the VA is horrible. I don't know what could save them. Just met the new director the other day.
Ararn 06.06.2018
Genetics is proving it...
Nele 06.06.2018
I am thoroughly convinced that there are people with a permanent stick up their ass, and those people somehow make it through life become successful and write asinine laws.
Dizil 16.06.2018
Ah, the wonderfulness of the unintended Swype typo. :) I'm sitting here trying to figure out what I sparkle with, but the options aren't really 'family forum friendly,' so I'll refrain.
Gajas 26.06.2018
Here's a strange concept...do your own research for once.
Tajind 30.06.2018
Sorry TJ. You?ve just shown why they talk about Kohlberg?s Psychological Development of Morality, along with Piaget?s Stages of Intellectual Development. Somewhere in that scheme, you demonstrate the deficit of conceptual thinking. Don?t you worry your little head none. My little ole conceptual thought makes it clear why Hitchens? criticisms justifiably had no effect. Maybe one day you?ll try some Zen and you can use this koan- "A Hospital is not a House for the Dying". Hold those two concepts in your head at once, and surely satori will hit you like a fish flopping in your face.
Kigalrajas 01.07.2018
Ohhh...I don't have a waffle iron. I prefer pancakes anyway. ; )
Meztikus 10.07.2018
Well, for sure Jesus is most beneficial, positive, ... unfortunately that does not make him any more real as all others. Also what you find positive, liking, ... should not be the correct answer to REAL god, it is more like cherry picking like I will believe in god that suits me best.
Fenrizahn 21.07.2018
Awesome Faith Reasoner!
Brami 31.07.2018
WTF are those things?
Fejora 03.08.2018
I don't have to "look it up." I was present for my son's circumcision.
Kagakazahn 12.08.2018
You obviously haven't seen some of the bridges in Oklahoma!
Zukazahn 15.08.2018
Yes, personal religious and political differences should never keep family and friends apart.
Juk 18.08.2018
No, your road is KNOWN, not created. God isn't a time machine. You can't go through life w/o making a choice. Don't try to figure this out. Many have gotten wrapped around an axle over the "predestination" issue.
Vilkree 20.08.2018
I am more curious as to what he can confess to emomistress that he cant/wont with his wife.
Mimuro 24.08.2018
That would suck.


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