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Dumb redhead joke

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I bet most of the posters here will not care. But seriously I bet that she turns up as professor of gender studies at some university (other disciplines available).

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Dumb redhead joke
Dumb redhead joke
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Targ 13.11.2017
Points for creativity. lol
Kigashura 20.11.2017
Wasn?t always the case. We have Twiggy to thank for turning the tide lol. She care thru skinny and proud and revolutionized the game lol.
Moogule 22.11.2017
So on The View, Whoopie brings up RACE and not gay rights. If your religious beliefs say you hate people of color, is that OK?
Meztisar 26.11.2017
You're the one presenting a shitty argument here. My mistaken word use there doesn't negate this. You made a shitty argument and can't actually give a good reason to overturn the separation of church and state "precedent".
Kasho 30.11.2017
Flat Earth is easy. . . .lot's of Bible quotes for that.
Magal 08.12.2017
Not really, but we do all have a National Anthem, but they are used in different ways and occasions.
Kazibar 09.12.2017
Again. No one is claiming guns were put to anyones head. What a weird way to start an argument.
Tauzilkree 12.12.2017
Mutilating a childs genitals is abuse.
Arashilabar 17.12.2017
The part I am not understanding is how it is a violation of the 1st Amendment to require clinics to disclose whether or not they are a licensed medical facility.
Yozshuhn 23.12.2017
/////Can you lonk me to that definition?
Akinojas 26.12.2017
Hi all. Just checking in.
Sagul 03.01.2018
Alex Trebek grew up in Sudbury where I live now. Quite a few NHL players from here too.
Ket 06.01.2018
Sacrifice is when a value is lost. Whether you like it or not (and I dont) sacrifice is a common theme in western thought. Even for some atheists sacrifice is viewed as noble and honorable. Sacrifice your time, money, and belongings. And its always for some bullshit collective like the ?common good?, the state, the government. Its used it to raise your taxes, accept low pay (military) and even live in squaller. The notion of noble sacrifice is used to con people out of livelihoods and even their own lives.
Zologar 14.01.2018
As if Texas didn't get "government" money.
Faerg 15.01.2018
Forgive me. I assumed you understood English and the idiomatic use of pronouns by English speakers.
Kazragore 20.01.2018
Hope they all cash in their chips quick a Trump train and s coming.
Akisida 24.01.2018
Because gods, do not exist....there.
Aralkis 27.01.2018
They might look nice, but have you actually tried to have conversation with them?
Tushura 01.02.2018
You are confusing causation with creation. Or at least using them interchangably and incorrectly.
Tozilkree 07.02.2018
Troll and idiot is very close connected !
Vudojin 07.02.2018
I can understand that, but then you say you want them to leave you alone and just be over it. It would have been over had you not responded.
Dushakar 17.02.2018
I defend the OT, yes.
Zulukus 25.02.2018
There is a mix.
Voodoojinn 02.03.2018
Correct. Gnosticism is essentially in Torah. The Essenes were Jewish fundamentalists, as opposed to the collaborators ruling the Temple.
Daishicage 04.03.2018
They were offered a standard cake from the ones that were already made in the display. They wanted a custom cake.
Dounris 14.03.2018
Having a private attitude is different from creating a hostile workplace environment. This is the third time I have pointed this out to you.
JoJoshicage 21.03.2018
LOL I'm like that when other people drive, but when I drive "GO SPEEDRACER, GO!"
Nasida 26.03.2018
Nope, that's my honest opinion there. This is not a contest for me, I'm not defending anything.
Malagrel 03.04.2018
The moral standards that apply to those who choose to adhere to it. If you don't adhere to it, why do you care?
Dam 08.04.2018
Hitting the rageahol a little early, aren't we?


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