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Wooden play sets with swinging bridge

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He bought a title to Cleveland and is basically a God there. Only the awful fans will b-tch about it.

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Wooden play sets with swinging bridge
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Barisar 23.10.2017
Folks in Asia tend to be rather racist against each other. See, say, Japan and Korea (both North and South). Or talk to Chinese and see what they think about Japan.
Zutaxe 24.10.2017
Do have any thoughts on the actual incident? Or do you prefer to play with your dictionary?
Gull 01.11.2017
If the scale is how sure you are 0 is 100% unsure. A scale that fits with supernatural believing should be confidence in the belief. If you mean confidence, zero is no confidence.
Gokora 04.11.2017
Corpses popping up alive like a game of Whack-a-mole!
Mikazahn 14.11.2017
The Bible is a collection of contradictory myths and folk tales, mixed in with a little history, originally written in obscure and now dead languages, translated differently over a hundred different times just in English, reinterpreted, modified, and amended on numerous occasions over a period spanning at least 3,000 years. Due to its hopeless ambiguity, it is and has been subject to endless debate regarding its interpretations. (Unfortunately, your god never speaks or does anything to clarify the ambiguity which is a problem all gods suffer from.) As a consequence, there has been an endless parade of interpretations of the Bible with the more than one hundred different translations producing over 40,000 different Christian denominations, each with their own unique interpretation of the Bible. This is obviously the work of ignorant, uneducated, and superstitious men and hardly the work of an all-knowing, all-powerful, god.
Kimuro 16.11.2017
Of course there's getting around it. One need only ignore useless babble...
Vishakar 24.11.2017
Yours is an ancient myth, alright. Completely false.
Tygomuro 25.11.2017
But you are using a religious term and framing it as a term that would apply to a scientific Theory. It does not work. No one "adheres" to the basic principles of evolution. They are either supported by multifaceted evidences and research, or they are dismissed. In order to even SUGGEST that someone is fundamental in their adherence to a scientific principle, you would need to show that that person REFUSED to entertain or consider the same quality of evidence, in the same preponderance for an alternative viewpoint. You do not have anything CLOSE to qualifying in this case.
Bralkis 04.12.2017
The Christian fetish of martyrdom actually means that torture and execution of good Christians is a benefit of the faith.
Sak 09.12.2017
So, I'm sure you have the documentation. Care to share it?
Voodooshakar 13.12.2017
No you don't seem to. Abrahamic faiths are just so first millennium and outdated lets move on.
Kigall 13.12.2017
There are none so blind......
Shaktisho 20.12.2017
Not necessarily. We already know that science most definitely disproves the Biblical account of creation.
Dosida 26.12.2017
Wow. Do you not get that when you say "They were not Christians" you are saying EXACTLY the same thing that Muslims say about Muslim terrorists, but somehow you think that when you say it about Christians it's true and when they say it about Muslims it's false?
Shaktikazahn 03.01.2018
So uhhhh... this SCOTUS ruling is a little troubling on that baker guy
Zulkis 08.01.2018
Lol. Must be 10 or 15 percent of local population on Ambien. Yeah, that splains it.
Namuro 16.01.2018
We know it isn't environment outside the womb. Nothing causes people to become gay. That we can see or measure in any way.
Makasa 17.01.2018
Exactly. She saved it as proof.
Brar 26.01.2018
Rational? I didn't see any rational statements in this discussion, which is why I assumed we were just having a nonsense go around.
Kashura 31.01.2018
I said the white Europeans are taking the jobs that Americans really would want. Not low paying, but professional. I arrested a white European once who was the Mayor of a town. Another one a doctor. You won't see a white illegal immigrant picking fruit. Why? Because of white privilege. Do you get it?
Shakus 09.02.2018
And don't you think that the scientists at CERN and NASA take that into account? Once again, the proof is in the pudding.
JoJobei 17.02.2018
Lol sorry, ladies AND jDave
Gakree 23.02.2018
We've had to up our offer on a potential house. What we are trying to do is kinda like buying something on e-bay. Hesitate, and you get sniped with 12 seconds left to go.
Mern 01.03.2018
IF he doesnt evolve into a douche, yes, he will not die lonely.
Tauran 09.03.2018
The ego is a protective barrier against suffering and consists of all one's conditional brainreflexes from survival expriences and which are inheritable.
Mozilkree 13.03.2018
It?s his fault
Vikus 22.03.2018
Sure atheist created the world we live in, Hahahaha
Gorisar 26.03.2018
Uh huh. If you know you can find the designer, then you know there is a designer, even though you have no clue who the designer is. So you do know that it was designed even though you have no idea who designed it.
Vilkree 02.04.2018
1. You are a prime example of a ?Darwinist? that I speak of.
Molkis 11.04.2018
Can it be mine then? I like pretty!


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